It’s only 30 minutes…

The truth is, most of us don’t care enough about a healthy¬†future¬†so much as we care about what feels good right NOW. The consequence of such short-sighted thinking (and, let’s face it, self-indulgence) is that when that “future” becomes the present, we’re sick, tired, and unhealthy. Really. Let’s do something about it now. Start today.Continue reading “It’s only 30 minutes…”

Object Lesson from a Millennial|Reblog

“Before we get started, does anyone need to check their email?” ~Anders Brekhus Nilsen I’ve already posted a few of Liz Ryan’s blogs, and I’m going to add another one. How To Quit Like A Boss. This whole series by Liz is excellent. I’ll let you watch the YouTube video and read Liz Ryan’s postContinue reading “Object Lesson from a Millennial|Reblog”

Oh, do I get this | Reblog

Skills, Shmills! Tell Me What Problem You Solve | LinkedIn. Human Voice Resumes Liz Ryan is funny, irreverent, and quite willing to poke holes in corporate stuffiness. Her other stuff is great, too. I am required to read resumes and CVs on a regular basis and I read approximately 4.38 lines of each new offering.Continue reading “Oh, do I get this | Reblog”