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Toxic people and what to do about them | Reblog

Marissa Levin over on Linked In has written a great article on dealing with toxic people. It’s worth reading – most of us can instantly think of a current toxic peep in our lives, or recall one from our past (they’re hard to forget).… Continue Reading “Toxic people and what to do about them | Reblog”

On Being a Great Boss

This is a great illustration… of several things. First, great bosses have specific traits and behaviours. Second, most of these traits and behaviours can and should be cultivated with intent and purpose. Third, the traits and behaviours we (read Western cultures) value may not be… Continue Reading “On Being a Great Boss”

All Rudeness is NOT Bullying

Bullying is the hot topic these days, and a buzzword guaranteed to get somebody’s dander up when used. Thinking about it this morning, it occurred to me that at the moment, using the word “bully” is tantamount to using the word “gun” while standing… Continue Reading “All Rudeness is NOT Bullying”