Narcissistic Parenting

Liz Ryan is an outlier in the Human Resources field. On any given day, she’s trumpeting the virtues of putting a human face to the corporate world. Her jargon espouses the concept that “human beings are the workplace” and the environment should reflect. Quite often, as happened  yesterday, there will be another post with anContinue reading “Narcissistic Parenting”

//Lifestyle// Wellness ain’t so easy

Renovating vs To Do – My October Bazaar article. Other Bits & Bobs you might find interesting… Starting a healthier lifestyle ( 8 Reasons To Go On A Fitness Holiday ( Healthy Aging: How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle In Your 50′s ( wellness calendar: october 2013 (free printable) ( Cut Yourself Some Slack Starting NowContinue reading “//Lifestyle// Wellness ain’t so easy”

‘Gifted’ sometimes backfires | Reblog

“My child is gifted. He’s also 29, unemployed, and living in my basement” | The Matt Walsh Blog. Pointed truth. Give me ‘character’ over ‘gifted’ any day. If the two happen to come together, we can expect exploits and accomplishments a la Felix Baumgartner… Chris Hadfield… Richard Branson… Whoopi Goldberg… Temple Grandin… Imagine. Sometimes, parentingContinue reading “‘Gifted’ sometimes backfires | Reblog”

The Bald Truth

Nearly everyone has resolutions for the New Year (including me), and others have advice, some of it is even worth considering. The new year, marked by more-or-less wild celebrations of the ending of the old year, causes one to think naturally in terms of stopping and starting. Most New Year’s resolutions consist of “I willContinue reading “The Bald Truth”