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An Inconvenient Truth

Thanks to Al Gore, we have a phrase embedded in the collective consciousness which embodies the act of acknowledging a reality that is painful, unfortunate, or unpleasant. Mr. Gore was, of course, referring to climate change, and how the impact that continuing to deny… Continue Reading “An Inconvenient Truth”

Happiness and those damn unicorns

Self-esteem and unicorns are connected? Find out the scoop and grab some happiness lifehacks at the same time.

…the New Meaning of “Trauma” | Reblog

Redefining “trauma” based on an individual’s personal values is a slippery slope to nowhere good.

Uganda and Screaming Grandsons

Hope North, Okello Kello Sam

The story of Dr. Susannah’s involvement with Niteo Africa (literacy) and Hope North (child soldiers) in Uganda.

Iatrogenic Effect: A negative consequence brought forth by the healer.

Originally posted on Gary Direnfeld:
While the concept of the iatrogenic effect is well known to medicine, it doesn’t receive much attention in the context of counseling. However and if we accept the counselor as a form of healer, emotional, psychological or psychiatric, then…