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THAT Kid… | Reblog

Remembering that all behaviour has a cause will help with the frustration level when it comes to THAT kid.

Stop Punishing. It Doesn’t Work.

Punishment often shames and humiliates, produces little more than resentment or fear, and does nothing to model or teach a better way to handle childish problems.

Menace | Reblog

Menace | Reblog “Menace” – with wonderful, hand-drawn illustrations – arrived in my inbox this morning, and as always, I read it immediately. There are so many layers of meaning to consider that I’ll be reading it again, and probably having a discussion about… Continue Reading “Menace | Reblog”

Work Smarter not Harder |Reblog

Making homework smarter Annie Murphy Paul hits a home run with this blog entry. Homework is a serious problem. That’s right. A┬áproblem. Our students carry home ridiculously heavy backpacks to spend hours pouring over books, reviewing, revising, and repeating endless exercises intended (I think)… Continue Reading “Work Smarter not Harder |Reblog”