Boiling Frogs

[Please note: Any case studies/people which may be mentioned in this blog are composites (unless otherwise indicated) of personal and professional experience over 25 years of people-helping in a number of different capacities and circumstances. Resemblance to any specific individual, living or dead, is purely coincidental and totally unintentional.] Just how stressed are you? DoContinue reading “Boiling Frogs”

The Culture of Overwork *rant*

We applaud long hours, stupid, crazy schedules, “pulling all-nighters,” and exhaustion as a sign of character. We value achievement above all else, and use words like “lazy,” “entitled,” or “deadbeat,” to describe those people who aren’t striving for the brass ring… the gold watch… or the C-suite with all their might. Just think of anyContinue reading “The Culture of Overwork *rant*”

Open concept workspace… bad or good? | Reblog

Annie Murphy Paul has a great blog out today – a study that looks at how our environment impacts our productivity. Turns out, the data contains a few surprises. Other opinions you might find interesting… 5 Tips for office courtesy in open workspaces (without cubicles) ( Top 5 – Ways to brighten up yourContinue reading “Open concept workspace… bad or good? | Reblog”

Leave Your Phone Behind | LinkedIn

Leave Your Phone Behind | LinkedIn. The advent of 24/7 digital connectedness has a cost. Whether digital native or immigrant, many people have evolved to the point where a smart device is ubiquitous to living – from the bathroom (1 in 6 college phones test positive for fecal bacteria!) to the opera (nothing like “BadContinue reading “Leave Your Phone Behind | LinkedIn”