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Are you contagious?

Emotions are contagious. When people come into contact with you, do they go away better …or worse?

3 Things I do for Self-Care

Self-care. A hot button topic these days. Why? I think because the world is slowly realizing that in the quest for happiness one cannot ignore the need for self-love. And the reality is that taking care of yourself is absolutely necessary and the furthest… Continue Reading “3 Things I do for Self-Care”

Boiling Frogs

[Please note: Any case studies/people which may be mentioned in this blog are composites (unless otherwise indicated) of personal and professional experience over 25 years of people-helping in a number of different capacities and circumstances. Resemblance to any specific individual, living or dead, is… Continue Reading “Boiling Frogs”

My Soapbox – Selfcare| Reblog from GT

The habit of selfcare is beneficial for absolutely everyone. Including you. 🙂

Eight Random Acts of Self-Kindness |Reblog

To Thine Own Self Be Kind: Eight Random Acts of Self-Kindness. Good Therapy’s contributors often “hit it out of the park,” and this post is no different. Self-care is an absolute must for good mental health and emotional equilibrium.