So-Over-It? Stop complaining and donate.

I have Multiple Sclerosis – also a demyelinating disorder – and I didn’t know that ALS is such a small group. They don’t have the peeps to muster for advocacy, lobbying, fundraising, or to encourage Big Pharma to invest in research to find treatment or even a cure. What is five minutes out of yourContinue reading “So-Over-It? Stop complaining and donate.”

The Beautiful Brain (No more mythology)

Last night I attended a lecture by Dr. Mohammed Alsuwaidan, Head of the Mood Disorders Unit and Kuwait Center for Mental Health. His topic was “Creativity and Bipolor Disorder” and it was amazing. There is a correlation between profound creativity and Bipolar Disorder, which he demonstrated with the latest research. That’s where he got me. HeContinue reading “The Beautiful Brain (No more mythology)”

I Just Want to be Happy!

“People who highly value happiness set happiness standards that are difficult to obtain, leading them to feel disappointed about how they feel, paradoxically decreasing their happiness the more they want it.”** Another one of those paradoxes I find fascinating. The APA journal, Emotion, published a study done by four researchers whose theory was that “…valuing happiness couldContinue reading “I Just Want to be Happy!”