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//Lifestyle// Wellness ain’t so easy

Renovating vs To Do – My October Bazaar article. Other Bits & Bobs you might find interesting… Starting a healthier lifestyle (shippyj2.wordpress.com) 8 Reasons To Go On A Fitness Holiday (epicatravel.com) Healthy Aging: How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle In Your 50′s (genuineselfhelp.com) wellness calendar:… Continue Reading “//Lifestyle// Wellness ain’t so easy”

Breaking the Rules

Listen to your body instead of the almighty rule book… ~ Lonni Lattie Recently, I read a great article in Runner’s World called “Fluid Facts” (August 2013) about the myths we believe about drinking water, and this morning, read this blog by Lonni Lattie on eating… Continue Reading “Breaking the Rules”