Annie Murphy Paul – On Curiosity

how to generate curiosity in yourself and others. I like Annie Murphy Paul’s newsletters. They’re practical, helpful, and often funny or touching. This particular post is right on the heels of my own about curiosity, so I’m passing it on. May curiosity brighten your day. Related articles Why Libraries Are The Best Places To LearnContinue reading “Annie Murphy Paul – On Curiosity”

Fear-Driven Action

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ― Gautama Buddha Do you remember the story about the little boy who killed his grandmother’s pet duck? He accidentally hit the duck with a rock from his slingshot. The boy didn’t think anybody saw the foul deed, so he buriedContinue reading “Fear-Driven Action”

Therapy via @marcandangel

If you haven’t heard of Marc and Angel, you’ve been living in a cave or under a rock. Their ubiquitous lists are everywhere. Tweeted daily by their gazillion followers (think ‘groupies’) on nearly every form of social media out there, these snips of self-help, mental health moments are hard to avoid. And this is notContinue reading “Therapy via @marcandangel”

Professional Resolutions – 2013

Every year people the world over make personal resolutions hoping for a better year than the one recently deceased. Sometimes they actually keep them. Generally though, research shows that New Year’s resolutions don’t even last to the end of January. One year my brother sent out a list of resolutions which he felt he couldContinue reading “Professional Resolutions – 2013”