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From Where I Stand

The art of gracious subjectivity. Rigid and inflexible thinking leads nowhere good.

A Paradox I can’t reconcile…

I’m much more interested in engaging with a movement that begins with the assumption that men and boys are human beings, and human beings cannot be disposed of, like machinery that is no longer useful or worn down. Janet Bloomfield writes an excellent essay… Continue Reading “A Paradox I can’t reconcile…”

Getting it Right

I am a fan of Daniel Goleman. I read his “Emotional Intelligence” when it first came out, wading through “reptilian brains” and “evolutionary development” to get to the good stuff. It was worth it. A whole entire industry was spawned. Not because emotional intelligence… Continue Reading “Getting it Right”

Might as well begin the new WorkplaceWise blog with an issue that affects all of us and our clients. This blog came via @TherapyTales, and the links are worth following up.