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No, Running Isn’t Therapy | Reblog

No, Running Isn’t Therapy | Runner’s World & Running Times. Well said and worth reading.

The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings

The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings. Love this! The myth that there is only ONE right partner “out there” is exposed for what it is. Ridiculous. (I also happen to think it’s incredibly destructive and inhibiting to doing the work of building… Continue Reading “The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings”

The Beautiful Brain (No more mythology)

Last night I attended a lecture by Dr. Mohammed Alsuwaidan, Head of the Mood Disorders Unit and Kuwait Center for Mental Health. His topic was “Creativity and Bipolor Disorder” and it was amazing. There is a correlation between profound creativity and Bipolar Disorder, which he… Continue Reading “The Beautiful Brain (No more mythology)”

Love is in the Air

This post is published under my byline in Bazaar Magazine (Kuwait) Feb 2014 Those of us of a certain age can remember a cheesy TV series from the 80s called The Love Boat; a cruise ship with the ability to bring together diverse people… Continue Reading “Love is in the Air”