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The Explainer: Emotional Intelligence – HBR Video

This is a great, quick overview of the important components of emotional intelligence, and why they matter.  Source: The Explainer: Emotional Intelligence – HBR Video

It’s not about the money! |Reblog

Stewart Smith over at LinkedIn posted a nice list of ways to appreciate employees. I’ve taken and modified it a little bit because I think it’s a list that needs to be passed around (and because my desktop publishing days left me obsessive about formatting)… Continue Reading “It’s not about the money! |Reblog”

Wrong …again.

For years, experts have been telling parents to praise the behaviour, or the effort a child makes, and not the child him/herself. The thinking behind this bit of wisdom is that praising a child for effort, no matter what the outcome, was much better for… Continue Reading “Wrong …again.”

Marc Tucker on Why Punitive Accountability Fails

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Marc Tucker has written an excellent post on the failure of punitive accountability. The working theory behind the Bush-Obama “reforms” is that teachers are lazy and need to be motivated by rewards and punishments and the threat…

The Magic of the New Year

My latest article in Bazaar Magazine, Kuwait. All about resolutions …of course. http://issuu.com/bazaarmagazine/docs/bazaar_january_2014/58