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Source: Ambition My friend Anna-Lou is an amazing bundle of everything Tigger would be if he were a grrrrrrl. Or maybe, Anna-Lou just channels the spirit of Tigger on the way to wherever she is going. We live very far apart and I read… Continue Reading “Ambition”

The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings

The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings. Love this! The myth that there is only ONE right partner “out there” is exposed for what it is. Ridiculous. (I also happen to think it’s incredibly destructive and inhibiting to doing the work of building… Continue Reading “The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings”

The Benefits of Regular Sex

Great counsel. More about this free, fun activity here, here, and here. You’re welcome. 🙂

Half the Sky | Reblog

We all need to care about those girls. They represent half of humanity and a part of our very existence that is precious and vital yet unloved, neglected, and all but forgotten but for the outrage of the global community. Eight more girls abducted…  Nigerian… Continue Reading “Half the Sky | Reblog”

The three “A’s” of divorce|Reblog

“Often, couples enter counseling when marriages are on the brink…” (Dr. Jeremy Frank’s article is here) This is so true. The average period of time a couple delays before seeking help for a floundering relationship is SIX years. (!!) When I see them in… Continue Reading “The three “A’s” of divorce|Reblog”