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Boiling Frogs

[Please note: Any case studies/people which may be mentioned in this blog are composites (unless otherwise indicated) of personal and professional experience over 25 years of people-helping in a number of different capacities and circumstances. Resemblance to any specific individual, living or dead, is… Continue Reading “Boiling Frogs”

The Laziness Gene

This is just cool. Makes me think of the amazing neuro-plasticity of the brain, and the ability of human beings to make choices in the present that overcome or wipe out the past.

Too Much To Do

You can’t manage time. Look, the stuff of life never ends. That is life. You will never clear your plate so you can finally allow yourself to get to the good stuff. So you have to decide. ~Monaghan Overwhelmed by Time I don’t think I’ve… Continue Reading “Too Much To Do”

I Need Hazard Pay

Even as I type this, I am in danger. Apparently, sitting has many hazards which result in terrible deformities and an old age with a widow’s hump spectacular enough to warrant it’s own name. Turns out all my healthy lifestyle renovations may go for… Continue Reading “I Need Hazard Pay”

The Magic of the New Year

My latest article in Bazaar Magazine, Kuwait. All about resolutions …of course. http://issuu.com/bazaarmagazine/docs/bazaar_january_2014/58