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And Then the CEO Threw a Chair | Reblog

And Then the CEO Threw a Chair: the Etiquette of Boorish Behavior | LinkedIn. My day started with a laugh.  Jeff Haden often manages to slyly inject some humour into his business posts,  and this one is no different. The topic is serious, though. The… Continue Reading “And Then the CEO Threw a Chair | Reblog”

Too Much To Do

You can’t manage time. Look, the stuff of life never ends. That is life. You will never clear your plate so you can finally allow yourself to get to the good stuff. So you have to decide. ~Monaghan Overwhelmed by Time I don’t think I’ve… Continue Reading “Too Much To Do”

Too much talk, not enough action

“…[A]ccording to some studies, people who talk about their intentions are less likely to follow through on those intentions.” ~Jeff Haden Earlier this year, I wrote about interviewing Amira Behbehani, a Kuwaiti artist passionate about her art and about peace. In that conversation, Amira… Continue Reading “Too much talk, not enough action”