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Acceptance is Key

My latest article in bazaar Magazine, Kuwait.

We humans are …complicated | Reblog

A slightly biased post – my friend John has written an encouragement to people of a “certain age” to continue to participate in life. Getting along toward that age myself, I completely agree. Click to read the article: John June Amazing Ridiculous

A Paradox I can’t reconcile…

I’m much more interested in engaging with a movement that begins with the assumption that men and boys are human beings, and human beings cannot be disposed of, like machinery that is no longer useful or worn down. Janet Bloomfield writes an excellent essay… Continue Reading “A Paradox I can’t reconcile…”

#YesAllWomen is FIRST WORLD Propaganda | Reblog

As I read all the hype about the shootings (another senseless tragedy) the same crap is happening as it does every time. The special interest groups get all up in arms and use the victims to push their own particular agenda, half the First… Continue Reading “#YesAllWomen is FIRST WORLD Propaganda | Reblog”