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My Soapbox – Selfcare| Reblog from GT

The habit of selfcare is beneficial for absolutely everyone. Including you. 🙂

Eight Random Acts of Self-Kindness |Reblog

To Thine Own Self Be Kind: Eight Random Acts of Self-Kindness. Good Therapy’s contributors often “hit it out of the park,” and this post is no different. Self-care is an absolute must for good mental health and emotional equilibrium.

My Two Cents in the Depression Debate

*Warning* This post might be long. I can’t promise it will all be worth reading, but I can tell you that there are at least two links included that are worthwhile. If I bore you (and I might), skip down and click through to… Continue Reading “My Two Cents in the Depression Debate”

Normal or Pathology?

Since the DSM 5 has been published, I’ve done a lot of reading. The battle continues to wage between proponents and opponents of the latest incarnation of psychiatry’s “bible” and it doesn’t look to be resolved any time soon. For the record, I think… Continue Reading “Normal or Pathology?”

Boo! to Hollywood | Reblog

Five Lies Clients Learn from the Media About Therapy. If I, as a professional, actually practiced therapy the way Hollywood and TV Land depicted, I’d be fined, lose my license, and possibly even go to jail. These myths, popularized by such shows as “Mad… Continue Reading “Boo! to Hollywood | Reblog”