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Half the Sky | Reblog

We all need to care about those girls. They represent half of humanity and a part of our very existence that is precious and vital yet unloved, neglected, and all but forgotten but for the outrage of the global community. Eight more girls abducted…  Nigerian… Continue Reading “Half the Sky | Reblog”

Breathtaking Assumptions

Twitter has been a really interesting source of new contact with the global community. I’m sure I’ve done things that end up on lists like, “Top 10 Things Never to do on Twitter” but overall, joining has been a good thing. One of the… Continue Reading “Breathtaking Assumptions”

‘The Sexy Lie’ We Should Be Talking About

‘The Sexy Lie’ We Should Be Talking About: Sexual Objectification. “Every human body has its optimum weight and contour, which only health and efficiency can establish. Whenever we treat women’s bodies as aesthetic objects without function we deform them.” ― Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch “The envied… Continue Reading “‘The Sexy Lie’ We Should Be Talking About”