We humans are …complicated | Reblog

A slightly biased post – my friend John has written an encouragement to people of a “certain age” to continue to participate in life. Getting along toward that age myself, I completely agree. Click to read the article: John June Amazing Ridiculous

It’s only 30 minutes…

The truth is, most of us don’t care enough about a healthy future so much as we care about what feels good right NOW. The consequence of such short-sighted thinking (and, let’s face it, self-indulgence) is that when that “future” becomes the present, we’re sick, tired, and unhealthy. Really. Let’s do something about it now. Start today.Continue reading “It’s only 30 minutes…”

I Need Hazard Pay

Even as I type this, I am in danger. Apparently, sitting has many hazards which result in terrible deformities and an old age with a widow’s hump spectacular enough to warrant it’s own name. Turns out all my healthy lifestyle renovations may go for nought if I don’t do something about my poor skeletal condition.Continue reading “I Need Hazard Pay”