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If you use a computer, watch this

Avoid unhealthy posture habits in today’s digital world.

We humans are …complicated | Reblog

A slightly biased post – my friend John has written an encouragement to people of a “certain age” to continue to participate in life. Getting along toward that age myself, I completely agree. Click to read the article: John June Amazing Ridiculous

The Laziness Gene

This is just cool. Makes me think of the amazing neuro-plasticity of the brain, and the ability of human beings to make choices in the present that overcome or wipe out the past.

It’s only 30 minutes…

The truth is, most of us don’t care enough about a healthy future so much as we care about what feels good right NOW. The consequence of such short-sighted thinking (and, let’s face it, self-indulgence) is that when that “future” becomes the present, we’re sick, tired,… Continue Reading “It’s only 30 minutes…”

I Need Hazard Pay

Even as I type this, I am in danger. Apparently, sitting has many hazards which result in terrible deformities and an old age with a widow’s hump spectacular enough to warrant it’s own name. Turns out all my healthy lifestyle renovations may go for… Continue Reading “I Need Hazard Pay”