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Are you contagious?

Emotions are contagious. When people come into contact with you, do they go away better …or worse?

Good Vibrations

Listening to music is one of the ways to change an emotional experience or mental state. Find out what science says is a ‘happy’ song.

Acceptance is Key

My latest article in bazaar Magazine, Kuwait.

Core beliefs trump medication

Often with anxiety, I see a significant amount of somatisation. That is, the manifestation of mental and psychological agitation through physical symptoms. I’ve seen clients with twitching eyelids, jerking arms, paralysed swallow reflex, nodding head, severe vertigo, limb paralysis, catatonia, parasympathetic mutism, ‘frozen’ tongue,… Continue Reading “Core beliefs trump medication”

DSM-5 And Somatic Symptom Disorder | Reblog

DSM-5 And Somatic Symptom Disorder | Mad In America. This has been my experience with too many clients to count or remember. I find it incredibly scary that many of my clients come away from a visit to a psychiatrist with a label, a… Continue Reading “DSM-5 And Somatic Symptom Disorder | Reblog”