DSM-5 And Somatic Symptom Disorder | Reblog

DSM-5 And Somatic Symptom Disorder | Mad In America. This has been my experience with too many clients to count or remember. I find it incredibly scary that many of my clients come away from a visit to a psychiatrist with a label, a prescription, and only occasionally, a referral to a therapist of someContinue reading “DSM-5 And Somatic Symptom Disorder | Reblog”

Narcissistic Parenting

Liz Ryan is an outlier in the Human Resources field. On any given day, she’s trumpeting the virtues of putting a human face to the corporate world. Her jargon espouses the concept that “human beings are the workplace” and the environment should reflect. Quite often, as happened ¬†yesterday, there will be another post with anContinue reading “Narcissistic Parenting”

The Dirtiest Word in the DSM |Reblog

The Dirtiest Word in the DSM. Noah Rubinstein of Good Therapy always has interesting things to say professionally, and he’s not afraid to tackle the hard stuff. I find myself agreeing with his take on disorders, labeling, and the pathologising of life experiences. Normalising is what we actually do. Or maybe I should just speakContinue reading “The Dirtiest Word in the DSM |Reblog”

Boo! to Hollywood | Reblog

Five Lies Clients Learn from the Media About Therapy. If I, as a professional, actually practiced therapy the way Hollywood and TV Land depicted, I’d be fined, lose my license, and possibly even go to jail. These myths, popularized by such shows as “Mad Men,” “In Treatment,” “Prince of Tides,” and even reality TV suchContinue reading “Boo! to Hollywood | Reblog”