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THAT Kid… | Reblog

Remembering that all behaviour has a cause will help with the frustration level when it comes to THAT kid.

Stop Punishing. It Doesn’t Work.

Punishment often shames and humiliates, produces little more than resentment or fear, and does nothing to model or teach a better way to handle childish problems.


bazaar Kuwait is out for September, and as usual, I have an article in its pages. I say, “as usual” but in fact, there is a little thrill of excitement to see something I wrote in print –┬áreal print – not just online. This… Continue Reading “READ! READ! READ! |Reblog”

The reality of poverty

For a number of years, members of my own family have been “the working poor.” Things are better – or rather, getting better – but still they constantly have to make choices about food, necessities, and budgets. They aren’t homeless, though one adverse life… Continue Reading “The reality of poverty”

Vindication! | Reblog(s)

Two great posts on the same subject – education and the process of learning. I think they’re great because of positive bias. I happen to think this way, and have banged on this one-string guitar for years. Now hoity-toity peeps have started playing the… Continue Reading “Vindication! | Reblog(s)”