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Cultural Challenges in the Workplace

Culture clashes arise from the different expectations between Western leaders and Eastern workers.

Personal Space & Culture

Great explanation about personal space misunderstandings. Worth a read.

Do the Hard Stuff | Reblog

Success doesn’t happen because you wish for it. Hard Things You Need To Do To Be Successful – Business Insider.  

Business Badassery

Business Badassery Stephanie St Clair imparts some absolutely stellar, hard earned, wisdom about starting your own business. And she’s hilarious.  Business Badassery Maybe some more good stuff… How to start a Business (businessresourceinternational.wordpress.com) Important Legal Tips for Starting a Small Business (staples.com) David Plunkert Shows… Continue Reading “Business Badassery”

Standing in the Gap

What it means to be a king… First in every desperate attack, last in every desperate retreat and a louder laugh over a scantier meal than any man. ~ CS Lewis If one swaps ‘leader’ for ‘king,’ in my opinion we have a perfect synopsis… Continue Reading “Standing in the Gap”