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Therapists Can’t Fix Clients

Therapists cannot ‘fix’ clients, nor is therapy synonymous with ‘advice.’ Sometimes, clients become really, really angry about this reality.

My Soapbox – Selfcare| Reblog from GT

The habit of selfcare is beneficial for absolutely everyone. Including you. đŸ™‚

The three “A’s” of divorce|Reblog

“Often, couples enter counseling when marriages are on the brink…” (Dr. Jeremy Frank’s article is here) This is so true. The average period of time a couple delays before seeking help for a floundering relationship is SIX years. (!!) When I see them in… Continue Reading “The three “A’s” of divorce|Reblog”

Business Badassery

Business Badassery Stephanie St Clair imparts some absolutely stellar, hard earned, wisdom about starting your own business. And she’s hilarious.  Business Badassery Maybe some more good stuff… How to start a Business (businessresourceinternational.wordpress.com) Important Legal Tips for Starting a Small Business (staples.com) David Plunkert Shows… Continue Reading “Business Badassery”

Reblog – Unspoken Bargains

There is nothing pretty about unspoken bargains. ~Lisa A. Miles Unspoken Bargains in Our Daily Relationships | World of Psychology. When there is conflict in a relationship, whether between intimate partners or work colleagues, I often find tacit bargains at the root of the… Continue Reading “Reblog – Unspoken Bargains”