AD/HD a result of boredom? |NYTimes Reblog

“In short, people with A.D.H.D. may not have a disease, so much as a set of behavioral traits that don’t match the expectations of our contemporary culture.” ~Richard A. Friedman


bazaar Kuwait is out for September, and as usual, I have an article in its pages. I say, “as usual” but in fact, there is a little thrill of excitement to see something I wrote in print – real print – not just online. This… Continue Reading “READ! READ! READ! |Reblog”

Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness for Children Yes, yes, yesyesyes!!!!! 80% of the referrals the Soor Center receives from schools are for “attention/focus issues.” Kuwait falls into the global norm meaning (5-7%) of those children actually meet the criteria (and there ARE criteria!) for a diagnosis of some… Continue Reading “Mindfulness for Children”

Is this normal or is it AD/HD? |Reblog

After much chasing, I believe this was originally posted on reddit by TheBananaKing – it’s worth repeating. Endlessly. ————————————————— Is this normal or is it ADHD? ADHD is about having broken filters on your perception. Normal people have a sort of mental secretary that takes… Continue Reading “Is this normal or is it AD/HD? |Reblog”

Reblog | Updates to psychiatry’s guidebook – The Washington Post

Updates to psychiatry’s guidebook change criteria for ADHD, autism – The Washington Post. The pathologizing of normal life experiences is not of benefit to the individual. It does, however, create huge revenue streams for pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, and others with their fingers in the… Continue Reading “Reblog | Updates to psychiatry’s guidebook – The Washington Post”