Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse, Part III: The Groundhog

Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse, Part III: The Groundhog. Very good series through Good Therapy on narcissism. Worth reading. Parts I & II linked through the post above. Be sure to check out Good Therapy’s blog – some really excellent writing, good for clients and therapists alike.

Shaming Pron* (Deliberately misspelled :) )

Today’s Klout offering in my “Create” box brought to mind a trend I’ve been thinking a lot about. Specifically, the public shaming of children by their parents/caregivers. I recently participated in a FB debate which, while heated on occasion, actually stuck to the topic at hand (to spank or not to spank?) and the professionalsContinue reading “Shaming Pron* (Deliberately misspelled 🙂 )”

We cannot grow …

We cannot grow when we are in shame, and we can’t use shame to change ourselves or others. ~ Brene Brown I’ve written before about the horrible, awful, no good, very bad trend of shaming children publicly (it shouldn’t be done privately, either) and the consequences. I came across this excellent post yesterday, and thinkContinue reading “We cannot grow …”

The three “A’s” of divorce|Reblog

“Often, couples enter counseling when marriages are on the brink…” (Dr. Jeremy Frank’s article is here) This is so true. The average period of time a couple delays before seeking help for a floundering relationship is SIX years. (!!) When I see them in my office, often the catalogue of hurts and acrimony between themContinue reading “The three “A’s” of divorce|Reblog”