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The99, The Factual Feminist, and MikeRoweWORKS – strange bedfellows.

I’m going to use a quote I’ve used before, for good reason, which, if you keep reading, I’ll explain. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought (idea) without accepting it.” ~Aristotle The world is full of peeps… Continue Reading “The99, The Factual Feminist, and MikeRoweWORKS – strange bedfellows.”

Honoring the Emotional Child

Originally posted on Abundant Life Children:
Crying. Screaming. Whining.  Moping.  Melting down.  Pestering.  Throwing a tantrum.  Pitching a fit.  We have many ways to describe a child’s emotional sorrows: the anger, desire, frustration, fury, sadness, and loneliness experienced by the young children in our…

Personal Space & Culture

Great explanation about personal space misunderstandings. Worth a read.

Musing This Monday

Originally posted on Unload and Unwind:
Do you like my little image for Monday courtesy of The Mind Unleashed?  I do but it is something that does take time to truly understand and appreciate.  The freedom that comes with the knowledge of knowing who…

Marc Tucker on Why Punitive Accountability Fails

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Marc Tucker has written an excellent post on the failure of punitive accountability. The working theory behind the Bush-Obama “reforms” is that teachers are lazy and need to be motivated by rewards and punishments and the threat…