Category: Mental Wellness

The Story of Stan – SERIAL STORY

Anxiety is truly awful. It can ruin a perfectly good life and without treatment, it will. Follow the Story of Stan – a peek into how therapy helps with anxiety.

Hidden biases – We ALL have them.

We tend to trust our own thinking, not realizing that we, like every person on the planet, are subject to biases we’re not even aware of.

The Question

Sometimes, asking just the right question changes everything.

A Good Guy

This post started me thinking. I often write about the hypocrisy of certain zealots of feminism and the double standard by which they seem to operate (bear with me, this post isn’t going there). Rather, I’m thinking about a different double standard. Millions of… Continue Reading “A Good Guy”

Chronic Illness as a Gift

Living a life restricted by chronic health issues can be discouraging and sucky …and yet, there are things to be grateful for and about. Don’t miss them.