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The Beautiful Brain (No more mythology)

Last night I attended a lecture by Dr. Mohammed Alsuwaidan, Head of the Mood Disorders Unit and Kuwait Center for Mental Health. His topic was “Creativity and Bipolor Disorder” and it was amazing. There is a correlation between profound creativity and Bipolar Disorder, which he… Continue Reading “The Beautiful Brain (No more mythology)”

Core beliefs trump medication

Often with anxiety, I see a significant amount of somatisation. That is, the manifestation of mental and psychological agitation through physical symptoms. I’ve seen clients with twitching eyelids, jerking arms, paralysed swallow reflex, nodding head, severe vertigo, limb paralysis, catatonia, parasympathetic mutism, ‘frozen’ tongue,… Continue Reading “Core beliefs trump medication”

The Laziness Gene

This is just cool. Makes me think of the amazing neuro-plasticity of the brain, and the ability of human beings to make choices in the present that overcome or wipe out the past.

It’s only 30 minutes…

The truth is, most of us don’t care enough about a healthy future so much as we care about what feels good right NOW. The consequence of such short-sighted thinking (and, let’s face it, self-indulgence) is that when that “future” becomes the present, we’re sick, tired,… Continue Reading “It’s only 30 minutes…”

18 Reasons to Give Up Trying to Live Up to Everyone’s Expectations | Reblog

Marc hits it out of the park… again. 18 Reasons to Give Up Trying to Live Up to Everyone’s Expectations.