bazaar Kuwait is out for September, and as usual, I have an article in its pages. I say, “as usual” but in fact, there is a little thrill of excitement to see something I wrote in print – real print – not just online. This month has a little extra groove going because the picture isContinue reading “READ! READ! READ! |Reblog”

So-Over-It? Stop complaining and donate.

I have Multiple Sclerosis – also a demyelinating disorder – and I didn’t know that ALS is such a small group. They don’t have the peeps to muster for advocacy, lobbying, fundraising, or to encourage Big Pharma to invest in research to find treatment or even a cure. What is five minutes out of yourContinue reading “So-Over-It? Stop complaining and donate.”

My Two Cents in the Depression Debate

*Warning* This post might be long. I can’t promise it will all be worth reading, but I can tell you that there are at least two links included that are worthwhile. If I bore you (and I might), skip down and click through to the interesting stuff. Noah Rubinstein of and ModernComments Blog writeContinue reading “My Two Cents in the Depression Debate”

The reality of poverty

For a number of years, members of my own family have been “the working poor.” Things are better – or rather, getting better – but still they constantly have to make choices about food, necessities, and budgets. They aren’t homeless, though one adverse life event and that could be the case. These family members workContinue reading “The reality of poverty”