Autism and MMR Revisited| Video

Random FB comment after video: “This man is not correct in his comment on the physician who is no longer practicing for he is practicing again. He also has not retracted in what he said. I have read a lot of research on this and the vaccines are not perfect and I have seen personal damageContinue reading “Autism and MMR Revisited| Video”

Sanctioned Peeping. What the…?

The world of Twitter has provided endless fodder and seed ideas for blog posts. This week, it was an article posted by @EAGnews about a Buffalo NY mom  who is outraged that her daughter was subjected to an (attempted) Tanner Screening by a high school nurse. Apparently, the girl was trying out for high schoolContinue reading “Sanctioned Peeping. What the…?”

The Culture of Overwork *rant*

We applaud long hours, stupid, crazy schedules, “pulling all-nighters,” and exhaustion as a sign of character. We value achievement above all else, and use words like “lazy,” “entitled,” or “deadbeat,” to describe those people who aren’t striving for the brass ring… the gold watch… or the C-suite with all their might. Just think of anyContinue reading “The Culture of Overwork *rant*”

Too Much To Do

You can’t manage time. Look, the stuff of life never ends. That is life. You will never clear your plate so you can finally allow yourself to get to the good stuff. So you have to decide. ~Monaghan Overwhelmed by Time I don’t think I’ve ever read a post more congruent with my former life andContinue reading “Too Much To Do”