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Hidden biases – We ALL have them.

We tend to trust our own thinking, not realizing that we, like every person on the planet, are subject to biases we’re not even aware of.

An Inconvenient Truth

Thanks to Al Gore, we have a phrase embedded in the collective consciousness which embodies the act of acknowledging a reality that is painful, unfortunate, or unpleasant. Mr. Gore was, of course, referring to climate change, and how the impact that continuing to deny… Continue Reading “An Inconvenient Truth”

Prezi rocks

I use Prezi. I love it and how it can make a presentation that much more engaging. I still use Keynote (I try to avoid Powerpoint if at all possible) but my go-to is Prezi. Even the free version is worthwhile. 1 Billion Prezis!

Uganda and Screaming Grandsons

Hope North, Okello Kello Sam

The story of Dr. Susannah’s involvement with Niteo Africa (literacy) and Hope North (child soldiers) in Uganda.

Oh, so right on.

LinkedIn via @Franc J. Pacheco, MEd, coughed up a great infographic on learning theory in my feed today. I checked it out, and the blog it’s attached to, and repost it here. 30+ years experience¬†working with disenfranchised or marginalised learners and a doctoral thesis… Continue Reading “Oh, so right on.”