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The Explainer: Emotional Intelligence – HBR Video

This is a great, quick overview of the important components of emotional intelligence, and why they matter.  Source: The Explainer: Emotional Intelligence – HBR Video

Self-regulation for Leaders

Daniel Goleman is one of our favourite influencers. Self-regulation matters in every single relationship on the planet, but it is a vital skill when in a position of leadership, power, or influence.

I Love Sundays on LinkedIn | Reblog

Sundays are a great day for catching up on all the great posts on LinkedIn.

Toxic people and what to do about them | Reblog

Marissa Levin over on Linked In has written a great article on dealing with toxic people. It’s worth reading – most of us can instantly think of a current toxic peep in our lives, or recall one from our past (they’re hard to forget).… Continue Reading “Toxic people and what to do about them | Reblog”

The Not-So-Perfect Internship | Reblog via LinkedIn

There can be a dark side to interning – be aware & prepared.