The Story of Stan

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If you’ve never been for therapy, you struggle with anxiety, or you’re curious about what goes on in a counselling session, then this serial story is for you.

Anxiety sucks. It has the potential to wreck your life, shrink your world, and terrorize your mind…and it doesn’t have to be that way. There is evidence-based treatment available, including therapy, medication, or a combination thereof. Just know you don’t have to live like this.

Ask for help – there is no health without ‘mental’ health. Therapy works, and it’s for everyone. Take your life back – it’s possible.

Free consultation – in person or online.

“I love therapy! There’s nothing like talking to someone who has no emotional investment in my life.” ~ Eva Mendes

The Story of Stan – Session 1

The Story of Stan – Session 2

The Story of Stan – Session 3

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Published by Susannah-Joy

Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg is a Canadian mental health professional with a passion for travel. Bossy from birth, compassionate by choice, and funny by accident, She writes about anything that catches her attention. All opinions are her own, as is the writing, unless credited otherwise. Stay tuned.

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