Good Vibrations

I like music. It’s always been a source of comfort, connection, and community. To find out that neuroscience has been able to measure what makes a “feel good” song doesn’t surprise me. Science and emotions are not mutually exclusive, and I personally love the sometimes unusual data that comes when the two intersect.

Melodie, our Client Concierge, always plays movie themes in the reception area. Walking from my office into the middle of the theme from ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ immediately brings a smile to my face. It’s ‘feel good’ music for me. For Bill, he stops what he’s doing when he hears any version of Louis Armstrong’s ‘Wonderful World,’ though his favourite is the original version.┬áCheck out this article on what makes a feel good song. Given the parameters, what songs would you add?

Leave a comment below and we’ll make our own list.

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