The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings

The Science of Finding Your Soul Mate | Brain Pickings.

What If?

Love this! The myth that there is only ONE right partner “out there” is exposed for what it is. Ridiculous. (I also happen to think it’s incredibly destructive and inhibiting to doing the work of building a real, long-lasting relationship) I can’t count the number of times a distressed couple (one or the other partner, and sometimes both) has said, “If I’m having so many problems in this current relationship, then I clearly haven’t found the right one.”

The issue at hand, of course, is that the couple is emotionally conflicted, psychologically entangled, and often, legally married.


I’ve written about this before myself, here and here. Do take the time to read Maria Popova’s article though. It’s funny …and good.

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Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg is a Canadian mental health professional with a passion for travel. Bossy from birth, compassionate by choice, and funny by accident, She writes about anything that catches her attention. All opinions are her own, as is the writing, unless credited otherwise. Stay tuned.

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