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kids playing

Two great posts on the same subject – education and the process of learning. I think they’re great because of positive bias. I happen to think this way, and have banged on this one-string guitar for years. Now hoity-toity peeps have started playing the same song. I’m going to sing along – I already know the words.

One is a study from Cambridge indicating that starting traditional, organised school with children under 7 (yes, you read that correctly) is counterproductive and developmentally inappropriate, and may even do harm.


The second is a great post by an American teacher working in Finland (one of those countries that doesn’t start children in school until 7) and what he discovered through the “soft” way the instructional process is structured.

Both worth reading, but alas, it is highly unlikely that either research or observable experience will impact the behemoth that is “Western” education. There’s too much money in the labelling of children, the ‘fixing’ of failure, and the culture of blaming poverty, parents, and participants (kids) – in that order, for the education system being as sucky as it is.

Cambridge Study

Finland’s got it right

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