Fooling Around

I’ve been introduced to IFTTT – a groovy little app that allows me to control where things are cross-posted. “IFTTT” stands for If THIS then THAT and is pronounced like ‘gift’ without the ‘g.’

So I’ve been playing with it. This morning, I realised that it needed tweaking because my posts from this blog were showing up on Tumblr ( whole and entire, with a really ugly Minecraft-type font on the bottom saying, “Make a comment.”

No. *frenzyofdeleting*

Back up your data!

When Matt Honan of Wired Magazine was hacked last year, it scared the wits out of me. He is a serious techie for heaven’s sake, and he got wiped out. On a side note, I was stunned to read he had ALL the photos of his daughter since birth stored in a Cloud account which the hacker maliciously wiped out …aaaaaaaaand Matt had NO BACKUP. Even I, untechie as I am have triple and quadruple redundancy for photos and important information, two of which are on unconnected external hard drives. Anyway, I learned the term “daisy chain”- which is the connecting of accounts for the purpose of automatic sharing.

I promptly disconnected all my accounts, changed passwords, and added two-factor authentication (and immediately descended into Dante’s Seventh Circle of Hell) in order to protect my pitiful online life. That process then made posting and tracking cross-posting incredibly inconvenient, but I managed it.

Then came IFTTT, which I like because there isn’t any daisy-chaining. It takes a bit of time to set up the personal recipes (of which the combinations are almost infinite) but each trigger results in a SOLO action. So I set up that I want this WordPress blog to post to Tumblr, Twitter (@workplacewise) and my LinkedIn page. Each one is a separate action, meaning that Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr are NOT connected to each other. No daisy chain. Of course, each is connected to IFTTT, but with the separate passwords for each social media account, and ironclad protection (to the extent it exists!) for my IFTTT login, I’m good to go.

Eventually, I’ll figure out what all the ingredients in the triggers mean, and that will help with the need to spend time deleting ill-placed or redundant posts.

I hope.


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