This Feminism Makes Sense

I have, heretofore, eschewed organised feminism with malice aforethought. I despise the strident, fishwife-type “We’re victims of male patriarchy!” screeching, spewing from the feminist movement of today. That is not to say that feminism as an ideal warrants dismissal, only that today’s version, quite frankly, sucks. It represents a splinter group of women who have fixated on hating men, seeing themselves (still) as downtrodden victims of masculine oppression, and who advocate for ridiculous causes or individuals, all in the name of “equality.”

One cannot critique or debate a feminist position or policy without being vilified, trolled, or scornfully dismissed as hating women. Read any post, blog, or article in which someone – anyone, male or female – takes an opposing view to the party line, and watch the jaw-dropping viciousness that ensues in response. Apparently, “equality” has become synonymous with unanimity. The only legitimate thought is ours. (I’ve thought for years that the feminist movement has come to resemble a mental version of ‘Animal Farm.’)


I, for one, don’t want to be like a man. Furthermore, I enjoy and appreciate men, pretty much the way they are. There are individual males who are cruel, violent scum  just as there are individual women who are vindictive, violent witches. But on the whole, men and women are pretty groovy.

Feminism in its earliest form accomplished much in addressing injustice, advocating for women, and agitating for change. But, like the unions of England’s industrial revolution, as they gained more power, the original vision became corrupted until today when unions are entirely different in scope and purpose. Ditto for the feminist movement. The metamorphosis hasn’t been positive, and in my opinion, the feminist movement no longer represents the average woman, no matter how stridently it insists that it does.

This YouTube by Tammy Bruce from Prager University popped up in my Twitter feed this morning, and I watched it out of curiosity. I think if this is the way feminism as an idealogy is going, I might go along.


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