Freedom to Lead a la Lee Ellis

Lee Ellis was a POW in Vietnam. I’ve read a lot about the Vietnam war, the POWs, and the whole era. I’m not particularly sure why I’ve had an enduring interest in this conflict, but there it is.  I first read of Lee Ellis (and other POWs) in Jeremiah Denton’s book, When Hell Was In Session when I was about 16 years old. I’ve more or less followed what happened to those men over the years since.

March 14, 1973 POWs released (Arrow points to Lee Ellis)

This morning, Klout flagged up a nice tidbit from Lee Ellis’ book, Leading With Honor and I was reminded of these heroes once more.

Read the book. If anyone knows about leadership, it’s someone like Lee Ellis. If you can lead effectively in a place like the Hanoi Hilton, you can pretty much lead anyone, anywhere. Transferring those leadership principles from a filthy prison in Vietnam to the business of today seems like a great idea to me.

Check out Lee Ellis’ blog (and his tribute to Admiral Denton)

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