Too Much To Do

You can’t manage time. Look, the stuff of life never ends. That is life. You will never clear your plate so you can finally allow yourself to get to the good stuff. So you have to decide. ~Monaghan

Overwhelmed by Time

I don’t think I’ve ever read a post more congruent with my former life and I celebrate the differences now evident as a result of a conscious, persistent, and mindful effort to renovate my life. I’m going to print the post, pin it up, and read it regularly.

I’m also going to call my girls and apologise for all the times I could have left whatever “weeds” I was taming and jumped on the metaphorical trampoline with them. When I return to Canada, I plan to build time into my week… into every DAY to hug, converse, and otherwise be WITH my grandsons.

Quite possibly, I might be able to once-and-for-all get rid of the “To do” lists.


More about time here, here, and here.

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