I Need Hazard Pay

Even as I type this, I am in danger. Apparently, sitting has many hazards which result in terrible deformities and an old age with a widow’s hump spectacular enough to warrant it’s own name.

Turns out all my healthy lifestyle renovations may go for nought if I don’t do something about my poor skeletal condition. I am in much better shape physically than I’ve been since being diagnosed with MS in 1996, but I’m not necessarily fit. I keep saying to myself and to Bill that I need strength and he needs flexibility if we’re really going to be healthy. But have I done anything about it? No. (I tried Pilates …once. Ick.)

I  just read this blog on the perils of sitting and I need danger pay. I sit all day long (I find it very difficult to stand and type). I have a stand up desk in my office which has slowly accumulated piles of paperwork, magazines, textbooks, and other assorted office detritus which means I don’t stand there and work anymore. I’m not sure standing there is particularly different than sitting at my desk – except maybe my feet are flat on the floor. I’m still craning my head forward on my neck and expecting my lower back to support the whole weight of my bad habit.

Lately, I’ve been trying out different forms of alternate exercise to add to my running, and so far, I’m not doing very well in adding a strength-training component. I think I hate Pilates – at least I don’t like the Pilates I’ve been able to do here. I have done yoga in the past and enjoyed it, but doing yoga by myself on my office floor with only a YouTube instructor is not my idea of enjoyable. And, if it’s not enjoyable, it’s not sustainable – when your exercise routine begins to feel like a trip to the dentist, it’s not sustainable.

And now, I’ve read this blog about sitting, and facetiousness aside, I’m truly concerned about it. I already have a visible curve in my neck, which has produced round shoulders and the beginnings of a bump between my shoulder blades. When I force myself to sit up straight, neck back, head up, I get a pain in my lower back indicating that the psoas is already shortened, pulling my lumbar spine inwards.


I find myself quite regularly asking the question, “If I’m doing all this running to be healthy, what point is there in doing half a job?” Not being a “half-job” kind of person, the answer is “No point.”  Since I have already invested two years in this lifestyle renovation, I’d hate for that investment to go for nought. Obviously, the only solution is to fix the sitting problem, which is actually a skeletal problem. Since no one is going to give me hazard pay for sitting all day long, I guess I’ll just have to take charge and do something about it.

Stay tuned.

More on the perils of sitting/poor posture/skeletal weakness:

Anterior Head Syndrome; Biomechanix solutions to poor posture; Beginner yoga for posture

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