Telling Lies with Impunity

As usual, Matt Walsh is a lot snarky and more than a little politically incorrect.

I hadn’t really thought about the penchant for media lying with regard to gay rights, but I’ve certainly thought about it in general. With the tendency of anything even a little bit weird, wicked, or way-out-there to go viral, lies become ‘truth’ by virtue of endless repetitions.

My fave ‘dislike’ about FB (and I truly like FB) is the posts from people who refuse to take two seconds to Google the trash they’re happily or voyeuristically sharing. I’ve given up trying to point out that this or that post is a flat out lie. As in, there is NO TRUTH in the crap you just stuck in my FB feed.

ImageNow obviously, I like these peeps because after all, they’re in my friend file. They have access to my feed – when they post, I get to know what they’re thinking (or not) and the kinds of things that interest them or push their buttons. I have truly stellar friends on FB. Let me tell you… sometimes I’m incredibly surprised at what they share.

Sadly, some of them lie. And I’ve recently realised that some of them lie knowing they are lying because it furthers a political/religious/partisan agenda. As Most Marvelous Father says, “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with facts.” And another rather philosophical friend says, “What’s a little lie if the truth isn’t working?”

Well, Matt Walsh goes ranting on this latest blog. And I think you could take just about any agenda – pro-abortion, pro-life, pro-Syria, anti-Syria, pro-hijab, anti-hijab, pro/anti whatever – and substitute it for “gay rights” and the post would still be accurate.

We’ve become a bunch of liars. Apparently, the end does justify the means. Who was it that said humanity would descend into the darkest of pits if ever pragmatism became a universal attitude? Dante? Blake? I know someone did…

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