7 Little Mistakes that Steal Your Happiness | Reblog

7 Little Mistakes that Steal Your Happiness.

7 Little Mistakes that Steal Your Happiness

Marc & Angel often “hit it out of the park,” having mastered the art of engagement on social media. Fortunately, there’s depth of wisdom to match the breadth of their collection of ubiquitous lists and pithy tweets.

I was thinking the other day as I took a quick two minutes to read one of the lists posted on a Tweet, that if someone spent 20 minutes reading  whatever M&A had posted the previous day, and chose to make one small change based on what s/he read, life would quite likely be different. That person would probably end up wiser, happier, kinder, and more generally forgiving of him or herself and his/her fellow man.  (Gender inclusive writing is soooooo awkward. Somebody invent a decent neutral pronoun, please.)

I then thought, ‘If people actually did that (made small, positive changes for the sake of their own quality of life) the world would be a completely different place in a very short amount of time.’ Of course, I’d then have to take up street sweeping or some such, but it would be worth it.


Marc & Angel are clearly VERY important to humanity. I think I might have to buy their book. Find more of their collected wisdom and witticisms here

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