Unhelpful Thinking | Reblog

The Collective Intelligence: The 12 Cognitive Biases That Prevent You From Being Rational.

Chances are...

Therapy essentially consists of a trained professional helping an individual to look at these areas of cognitive distortion – all things being equal, the therapist’s cognitive distortions will be less than, or different from, the client’s.

We hope.

4 Comments on “Unhelpful Thinking | Reblog

  1. I sometimes find myself deliberately choosing actions which I know will result in cognitive dissonance because I want to know what it feels like. But, I’m probably a bit short on oxytocin. As to the bandwagon effect – I’d be interested to be tested to see if I have the slightest shred of the hive mind mentality about me. The author’s preoccupation wit the collective I found slightly “dissonant”.

    • I’m not sure you even know there IS a hive, never mind congregate there. 🙂
      I agree with you about the author’s perspective. I’ve seen those cognitive distortions defined a little differently, and I think more objectively? accurately? than in this article, but it makes some good points.

      • I know there’s a hive. Really I do. The article read in a very transatlantic way- normally I have an aversion to the kind of quick-fix-don’t-think seven things not to say at work, but the rather insouciant eager-beaver style was disarming.

      • That you know there’s a hive – and determinedly eschew it – probably just affirms the operation of the Melancholic in you. (Or is it you in the melancholia? 😉 )

        I like lists, and occasionally I find one worth reposting. http://www.marc&angel.com really helps with that. Saves me having to make (or publish) my own lists. Blech.

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