The Dirtiest Word in the DSM |Reblog

The Dirtiest Word in the DSM.

Noah Rubinstein of Good Therapy always has interesting things to say professionally, and he’s not afraid to tackle the hard stuff.

I find myself agreeing with his take on disorders, labeling, and the pathologising of life experiences. Normalising is what we actually do. Or maybe I should just speak for myself.

As Noah writes in his excellent article,

In my experience, nearly every psychological syndrome, other than ones which are largely organic in etiology, is an orderly, strategic, and purposeful response to suffering. In other words, mental health issues are not disordered; they are ordered and normal responses that exist for the purpose of preventing the individual from being hurt again.

Sadly, people are diagnosed as “disordered,” promptly medicated, and expected to live the rest of their lives with ‘chronic’ mental illness.

Very uncool.

The Dirtiest Word in the DSM

Published by Susannah-Joy

Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg is a Canadian mental health professional with a passion for travel. Bossy from birth, compassionate by choice, and funny by accident, She writes about anything that catches her attention. All opinions are her own, as is the writing, unless credited otherwise. Stay tuned.

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