50 Ways to leave your old life behind

There are some great suggestions here, and I have one more.

If you need support, inspiration, encouragement, or to be part of a community that will help you stay motivated to increase your quality of life by investing in yourself, then look no further than the briliant, fab Dominee of Blessing Manifesting.


I serendipitously happened upon her self-care journal two years ago, and loved the whole concept. Quirky, artsy, and imaginative, the journals are a cross between Julia Cameron’s “Artist Way” and art journaling. (No artistic ability required which is good since I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag)

Check out the website, and take time to look at the suggestions for self care. Try something new, begin again to do something you’ve done in the past, and make it a priority to look after yourself this year.

Other resources you might find helpful/encouraging…

Talk amongst yourselves...

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