Elation and Despair – The Highs and Lows of Blogging |Reblog


Traffic Dos and Don’ts: A Checklist.

As a writer who sees blogging as the most convenient medium for expression, the whole “speaking-into-a-vacuum” thing is sometimes discouraging. I find myself feeling elated when someone comments on a post, and crestfallen when a blog entry generates zero activity.

I thought it was just my uberCholeric self, and after stumbling on today’s reblog, I read more on the topic and discovered that I’m probably right. I care whether or not my blog posts get read, but it appears for the truly creative, this is not so. The compulsion to create is, in and of itself, the point of expressing, whether in blogs, on paper, or under a bridge with paint.

Hmmm… I can feel myself ruminating on the question of why I write at all. Is it because I’m looking for recognition, or is because I need to express myself and writing is my medium? Quite possibly I am a mere hack, hoping for a smidgen of truth in Voltaire’s observation ~ Originality is nothing more than judicious imitation ~ to apply to me. I have observed that artists (the non-hack variety) create because they are compelled to do so, and the creations they produce are not for public consumption, but to release themselves from the angst of an unbirthed idea. We, the public, simply get to share vicariously in the glory of that creativity. What we actually think about the art is often quite irrelevant to the artist.

This road brings up lovely thoughts of my own Fairy Girl. She tries not to write anything if she can help it, but oh, does she express on canvas. (I think that canvas is for making hippie-type shopping bags) She’s currently experimenting with wax and other interesting materials (“Mixed Media?”) and I’m so amazed at the result (not that I’m biased or anything). I look at the photos of her latest pieces and I think, “Where did that come from?” What an immensely interesting inner landscape artists must enjoy.

On that note, it occurs to me if you have not heard of, or looked at Julia Cameron‘s The Artist’s Way, you might want to do that. Her iconic self-directed book on reconnecting with your inner creativity is a resource benefitting absolutely everyone – no matter what your preferred medium.

Happiness is …expressing.

Some grist for your own creativity mill…

3 Comments on “Elation and Despair – The Highs and Lows of Blogging |Reblog

  1. I Found Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists’s Way” just wonderful. Thanks for writing such an inspiring article and also for the shout out on my blog post featuring “Notebooks or Journals, Part Two. I hope you found it helpful. 🙂

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