Work Smarter not Harder |Reblog

Making homework smarter

Annie Murphy Paul hits a home run with this blog entry. Homework is a serious problem.

That’s right.

A problem.


Our students carry home ridiculously heavy backpacks to spend hours pouring over books, reviewing, revising, and repeating endless exercises intended (I think) to solidify whatever learning took place in the classroom.

It doesn’t work. As Annie’s post points out, this is neither an efficient nor effective way for students to be successful at learning.

Take a moment to read her blog, then think about the ways you can implement her suggestions …or help your own son/daughter to implement them.

Be proactive with the teachers. Ask for opportunity to do assignments/homework in the new way. Point out that research demonstrates good results using these techniques. Advocate for working smarter, not harder.

Enjoy your learning experience. An adolescent once said to me, “This isn’t right. We should be able to get our homework done and still have a life!”

I agree.

Talk amongst yourselves...

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